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Terms & Conditions

Volunteer Policies and Procedures Record Management The Volunteer Management Office maintains records on each volunteer throughout the organization. Records include dates of volunteer service, positions held, duties performed, evaluation of volunteer performance, training attended and awards/recognitions received. Volunteer records, including application, are confidential.


Volunteers are responsible for submitting and updating information contained in their files to the Volunteer Management Office. Dress Code Volunteers are representatives of Danube International Compan, INC. and are responsible for presenting a positive image to constituents and the community. Volunteers will dress appropriately for the conditions and performance of their duties. Volunteers that serve in a capacity of a presenter, speaker or other face-to-face constituent contact will wear a name tag.

Attendance and Time Volunteer attendance is important to the operation of each program. Volunteers should notify their supervisor in advance if they are unable to be present on their scheduled day or presentation. Volunteers are responsible for completing and submitting their volunteer time

Conduct Volunteers are expected to follow rules of conduct that will protect the interest and safety of all volunteers and staff.

Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated.

Each volunteer must act in all matters in a manner that will safeguard the reputation and integrity of DIC, INC and will preserve and strengthen public confidence in DIC, INC activities. Likewise, volunteers must refrain from engaging in any transaction in which personal interests conflict, potentially conflict or appear to conflict with those of DIC, INC. An actual or potential conflict of interest occurs when a volunteer is in a position to influence a decision that may result in a personal gain for yourself or for a relative as a result of DIC, INC business dealings. For the purposes of this policy, a relative is a person who is related by blood or marriage, or whose relationship with the volunteer is similar to that of persons who are related by blood or marriage. Participation in any activity prohibited by this Policy can result in the termination of volunteer service.

Volunteers are requested to follow social distancing rules due to Covid-19.


The explanations and information provided herein are only general and high-level explanations, information and samples. You should not rely on this article as legal advice or as recommendations regarding what you should actually do. We recommend that you seek legal advice to help you understand and to assist you in the creation of your Terms.

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